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KHF Solicitors Ltd

Care Proceedings & Social Services

Sometimes, when a Local Authority considers that a child is not receiving the care he or she deserves, they may decide to start Court Proceedings to consider what is best for that child for the rest of their childhood.

Such proceedings can often be difficult and very upsetting for all involved, but our highly experienced, specialist team of Solicitors will aid and assist anyone facing Proceedings whether that is a parent, grandparent, aunt or uncle.

We will support and guide you through the Proceedings; explaining things simply and clearly every step of the way and we will work with you to reach the best possible solution for you and your children.

If you are a parent involved in Care Proceedings, KHF Solicitors Ltd can help you get Legal Aid so the cost of fighting for the return of your children is not something else you have to worry about.  Legal Aid may also be available for other family members who may be involved.

If children have been taken into the care of the Local Authority, the Social Worker should consider family members.  If you are a family member who wants to be considered, please contact us to see if we can help.

Care Proceedings Factsheet

KHF Solicitors Ltd

Social Services Involvement

The Local Authority Children’s Services Department, also known as Social Services, may be involved with your family.  Usually, this will be because they have concerns about the care of your children.

Social Services may commence Public Law Outline procedures, also call the PLO.  This means that Social Services are so concerned about the care of your children that they are actively considering starting Care Proceedings at Court, they may send you a Pre-Proceedings, or PLO, letter.  The letter will set out Social Services’ concerns and you will be invited to attend a PLO meeting with your Solicitor at which the concerns will be discussed.  It will be explained what needs to be done to improve the situation for your children, so that Court Proceedings may be avoided.

A PLO Review Meeting can be arranged to assess the progress made. It is important to try to achieve the best outcome for your children.  Failure to work with Social Services may lead to an application being made to Court for an Order so that your children could be taken into Local Authority care.

Legal Aid is almost always available for parents involved with Social Services.

We have experienced Solicitors at KHF Solicitors Ltd who will support and guide you through this difficult process.


Have you been approached by Social Services? Call the team on

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